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21st may - 26th september 1999 
Local knowledge
Based on experience from past researches, today reasearchers think that culture of popular dwellings is a mixed compound in every period with respect to place and date of production of individual pieces, person producing them and their quality. This is what we called a better approach to reality in the thematics and the fact of scientific statement acceptance of reality – although similar thoughts has regularly been coming up since the turn of the century.

„…proportions of the furniture… had been constantly changing and… they more and more shifted towards the products coming from the workshops of guildsmen, then later towards furniture manufactured at factories. Nevertheless… even until the most recent times… the close coexistence of the pieces made by skilled woodworkers and specialised unskilled craftsmen and of the furniture fabricated by skillful handymen or the ones nailed together at home, persisted in the houses of country towns and villages. …the furniture acquired from somewhere else mingled in the same living area with the pieces fabricated locally; the furniture originating from the town was put together with pieces from the villages…”

K. Csilléry Klára: Bútorművesség. [Crafts of Furniture-making.]  In Domonkos Ottó (főszerk.) – Nagybákay Péter (szerk.): Kézművesség. Budapest, 1991, Akadémiai Kiadó, 483. p. /Magyar Néprajz III. Anyagi kultúra 2./

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