A place for you! Chair-Exhibition 
          21st may – 26th september 1999
Local history

Registration number: 64.94.102
Technical term: high-backed chair
Name (museum register): szék
Local name: szék, karszék
Material and technique: carved wood
Size: 40x30x79
Place of fabrication: Kapuvár, Sopron county
Time of fabrication: 1900
Name of maker: Mihály Szűcs
Place of use: Kapuvár, Sopron county
Place of aquisition: Kapuvár, Sopron county
Time of aquisition: 1964
Name of collector: Terézia Horváth and György Sarosácz
Remarks: fieldwork.

The ordinal number makes a reference to the catalog 'Székképek' by Gábor Fejér - László Roboz.

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