Mobile Application

By downloading the Museum of Ethnography mobile app, you can purchase the audioguide through the interface, which is the museum's online store. A brief registration is required for the purchase, either within the mobile app or during the purchase process on the webshop. Once registered, you can enter the mobile app with the provided username and password from the webshop and activate the purchased audio guide in the app's audioguide menu.

Tips and Information

  • Stable internet connection is required for activation, which may take 2-3 minutes due to the length of the audio content.

  • The price for the mobile phone audioguide is 1500 HUF, providing unlimited access to the audio content for the specified username.

  • The audio files can be accessed and listened to anytime in the audioguide menu, and they can also be read in text format. To consider other visitors, please use headphones if participating in the audio tour on your own device.

  • On a mobile phone, the device will automatically present a push notification when detecting the next sound. Visitors can choose whether to continue listening to the current sound or accept the new pop-up sound and play that. If a new sound is accepted, you can always return to a previous or subsequent sound from the list.

  • The list of sounds will appear on your mobile phone, allowing you to select and play each one. The sounds can also be identified using the numbers placed on the floor, enabling you to freely choose between audio files.

Rental Devices

The compact devices can be worn around the neck and are activated by aiming them at the headphone-shaped transmitters placed at eye level near the Ceramic showcases. A blue icon will appear, and you can start the sound by pressing the circular button.

Tips and Information

  • The ticket for the audioguide device can be purchased at the ticket counter on the exhibition level.

  • The audioguide devices are provided on level -2 at the exhibition area. Show your ticket to the coordinator to receive the device.

  • The coordinator will set the language on the device.

  • Once headphones (your own or provided) are connected, the guided tour can begin.

Audioguide Tour

  1. At the pickup point for the audioguide devices, near the "Audioguide Starting Point" sign on the counter, the first transmitter for the two showcases has been placed. The coordinator will assist in starting the tour by demonstrating how to detect and activate the transmitters. When the device detects a transmitter, a blue window will appear, and you can start the sound by pressing the central button.

  2. After this, you can begin the tour. Pay attention to the numbered markers on the floor and hold the device at the appropriate height!

  3. While you can adjust the volume (using the buttons indicating volume control), you cannot skip to the next audio content entirely. The transmitters will activate the next audio content on the device. After one audio clip finishes, the next sound is activated by activating the transmitter for that sound.

  4. At the end of the tour, please return the device at the same -2 level counter. The devices are equipped with anti-theft transmitters and can only be used on the exhibition level.