Yanomami. Spirits. Survivors. Photo exhibition of Claudia Andujar

Hungarian Origin Female Photographer for the Amazonian Indians 14/Sep/2023 - 30/Jun/2024

The Museum of Ethnography is to open its first contemporary photo exhibition in its new building. Titled "Yanomami. Spirits. Survivors" the work of Claudia Andujar, a Hungarian-origin photographer will be showcased, with collaboration from São Paulo's Vermelho Gallery. The exhibition promises an unforgettable experience for enthusiasts of ethnography, distant cultures, and contemporary photography, while also delivering a poignant message about the world of the Amazon rainforest.

Portre No 11. (Maturaca series). Maturaca, 1970–1971 (2023) | Inkjet   Hahnemühle Photo RagR Baryta | 100×150 cm
Portre No 11. (Maturaca series). Maturaca, 1970–1971 (2023) | Inkjet Hahnemühle Photo RagR Baryta | 100×150 cm

The Museum of Ethnography is the first to host a comprehensive photographic exhibition of the 92-year-old Claudia Andujar in Hungary. Although her photographs are preserved in numerous well-known collections worldwide, and she regularly participates in international photography events, her work is still relatively unknown in the region. Claudia Andujar, with Swiss ancestry on her mother's side and Hungarian ancestry on her father's side, lived in Nagyvárad until the age of 13. She later arrived in Brazil via detours through Budapest and Vienna while fleeing the Holocaust, and then through New York, where she became closely associated with contemporary art and photography from the 1950s onwards.

The exhibition presents 124 photographs, analog enlargements, digital prints, and additional projected imagery, all illuminated in a unique manner to showcase a significant portion of her life's work. The chronological structure of the exhibition takes visitors from her arrival in Brazil and her time as a magazine photographer to her decades-long artistic and activist work among the Yanomami Indians, culminating in the processing of her life's work in her later years.

The exhibition is open from 15 September.