Why to come to the Museum of Ethnography?

- 3/Dec/2017

The Museum of Ethnography in Budapest is one of Europe's largest, most important museums, whose diverse collections house more than 200,000 ethnographic artefacts, as well as historical photographs, manuscripts, folk music recordings, films, and videos of both Hungarian and international cultural interest.

The museum's remarkable Hungarian Collection represents the largest repository of material on traditional Hungarian folk culture in Hungary, and with regard to certain areas of study, in all of Europe. Its European collection encompasses every ethnic group on the continent, while its Oceania and Africa Collections, assembled by famous Hungarian world travellers and ethnologists, and its collections of authentic artefacts from America, Asia, and Indonesia, are also of especial note.

The impressive museum building is situated across from the Hungarian Parliament, on Kossuth tér. Its posh atmosphere and easy accessibility make it not only a prominent focal point of Hungarian cultural life, but also a convenient meeting point for tourists.